ORO DI LUCE Protein Filler 500 ml BAREX


Oro Di Luce protein filler for hair with wheat microproteins, keratin and silk proteins

Bright, silky shine and the soft texture of linen have come together in the new series ORO DI LUCE from BAREX Italiana – a leader among hair cosmetics manufacturers.

The company was able to develop unique products that provide unrepeatable hair care, restore its structure and give a shiny result to hair styling. The composition of this line includes silk proteins and linseed oil, which allows you to achieve unprecedented results and significantly improve the condition of the hair.

It begins with the gentle but thorough cleansing performed by SHINE SHAMPOO.

You can fill your hair with the necessary nutrients and restore its health with the deep effect silk mask SHINE MASК.

You can complete the care and give the hair strands an expressive shine using liquid crystals SHINE SERUM.

Two-phase spray with anti-aging effect PROTEIN RE-CHARGE is designed to fill hair with nourishing elements on a daily basis and restore damaged, thin, dry and brittle hair. A new, innovative spray formula, reacting to various heat sources, creates amino bonds for deep hair restoration, elasticity improvement and long-lasting hydration.

To protect hair from exposure to high temperatures, the ORO DI LUCE line includes a product in the form of a gentle cream HEAT PROTECTION CREAM.

Creating a hairstyle will be much easier with the help of a light fluid MODELING FLUID, which is ideal for natural styling and has already received countless reviews from satisfied customers.

For hair care in the salon, a procedure with a botox effect is recommended, using keratin concentrate PURE PROTEIN COCKTAIL,

which allows you to completely change the condition of your hair and enjoy its beauty every minute.

REPAIR FLUID restores very dry, chemically treated hair with a weakened keratin structure. Enriches with moisture, adds volume and shine.

PROTEIN FILLER restores hair from the inside and outside. Ideal before perming, after coloring or bleaching procedures, before toning. Immediate visible results within 2-3 minutes.

The most refined aromas of products provide an unrepeatable pleasure

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