JOC CURE Rebalancing Shampoo 1L BAREX Healing Power of trees – 100% Vegan


CURE Rebalacing Shampoo for Oily Skin with Beech Bark Extract

· regulates skin fat secretion,
· deeply cleanses by gently removing excess sebum and / or dandruff,
· refreshes and reduces irritation,
· moisturizes the scalp and hair,
· With antistatic effect,
· protects from the negative factors of the external environment,
· contains extracts of medicinal products,
· protects hair and UV rays and blue light,
· without SLES (sodium lauret sulphate)
· free of parabens
· without dyes
· 100% vegan product
· endowed with a unique, exclusive aroma.

JOC line products from Barex Italiana are based on the principle of “Pure Beauty”:
beauty based on respect for nature and its responsible use.

Choosing the right hair and skin care products is just as important as choosing the right foods.

The recipes in all products in the JOC line include the highest quality natural ingredients, prepared by carefully selected suppliers, without harming the environment, to bring more beauty, harmony and social responsibility to our world.

JOC products contain seaweed, which contains a large number of elements such as iron, magnesium, vitamins and omega fatty acids, which have a number of useful properties.

To prevent premature aging of the scalp and hair, all products in the JOC line use Blue Light Shield technology, which uses the ability of the blue microalgae Phormidium Persicinum to act as a protective filter that neutralizes high levels of UV and blue light.

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