30% UREA 250 ml NAPPA foot cream SILCARE®

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Exfoliating foot cream with urea 30% Nappa Smooth Comfort

– effectively exfoliates dry skin and increases the permeability of the stratum corneum;
– moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes;
– revitalizes damaged, irritated skin on the feet;
– has a delicate herbal aroma with citrus notes.

Application: apply to clean, dry skin of the feet.

Active ingredients:

– urea – maintains the necessary level of moisture in the skin, softens; accelerates the process of regeneration of the epidermis; has anti-corn action;
– lanolin – prevents excessive dryness, smooths the skin and protects it from external factors;
– peach seed oil – tones, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, increases elasticity and firmness, slows down the aging process;
– glycerin – moisturizes and protects from excessive moisture loss, soothes, increases elasticity and promotes the penetration of other components into the deep layers of the skin.

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