Hair extension courses. Training

  • Course 3 hair extension techniques-150 EUR

    Theory + practice + 3 diplomas for each technology.

Или по отдельности:

  • US Tape Course Length & Volume (theory and practice) - 80 EUR

    Courses on hair extension using gluing techniques.

  • Extensions Course Length & Volume (theory and practice) - 90 EUR

    Seminar on hair extensions on capsules.

  • Microring Length & Volume (theory and practice) – 60 EUR

    Seminar on hair extensions on microrings.

Us Tape

  1. The most gentle technology, suitable even for clients with weak hair;
  2. invisible hair connections;
  3. the connector is not required;
  4. no thermal effects;
  5. procedure time-40 min;
  6. all you need to correct is a new tape;
  7. fashionable, popular tehnique;
  8. for extensions, you only need a master, a client and a set of hair.


  1. the most popular hair extension technique;
  2. the ability to wear a strand for the longest time without correction;
  3. stable connection in the form of a small rice.

pre-registration is required – tel. 20505003.

We provide all the material.